Journey With The Gods

Awoken by the light of a magical moon, Vinita and Deepak embark on an amazing adventure with magnificent gods and heroes from Indian mythology. Illustrated by Anita Chowdry. Available in English Bengali, Gujurati, Urdu, Hindi, Panjabi. It is accompanied by beautiful songs in English. Featured by world famous dancer Akram Khan on his website with him reading it to his daughter.

Ganesh“Do try one of these sweets” said Ganesh”they are very good. Besides, you will need strength, for tonight neither of you will sleep!”

I am Shiv and I have many names and moods,
I am Garud King of the Birds. I have been sent to collect you.
I’m Hanuman King of the Monkeys ! What a thrill! Hanuman.
“You don’t know who Ram is? Sit down my friends and listen carefully”
Have you heard about a boy? A very special boy, a very charming boy, a very naughty boy. Krishna.
Come and see …Ma has gone to collect water and has left a pot full of fresh butter hanging from the rafters.

When our notion of time and space is turned upside down and we are forced into a new reality, storytelling, our most ancient of rituals, becomes vital. Akram remembers the power of the stories that his mum used to tell him as a child – they spanned over many different cultures and were a universal receptacle of wisdom and endless inspiration to him.

Journey with the Gods part 2

Now as a father himself, Akram narrates stories that are close to his heart to his daughter Sayuri, and shares them with all children as part of an audio series called An Ancient Observer.told by Akram Khan with the participation of Sayuri Khan Sound Design Pete Thomas

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